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With their recognized expertise in rental management, closely supported by a specialized legal service, particularly in the field of rent recovery and unpaid charges, and litigation monitoring, all the experienced team of Reva Immo unanimously wished to develop this division professional within the agency for the management of condominiums and subdivisions.

Thomas Vigo is responsible for deploying this new service offering, under the responsibility of the real estate agent Mr. Hugues Cochard.

With a desire for transparency in the management of co-ownerships, fair invoicing, and an essential proximity relationship, this offer should satisfy small and large co-ownerships who will trust us.

  • We offer an internet portal for co-owners which allows :

    • - Direct communication between the co-owners and the co-ownership trustee : Connected to the trustee management software (see below), the co-owners have direct access to the trustee.
    • - Direct communication between the co-owners and the co-ownership union council : Connected to the trustee management software (see below), the co-owners remain in permanent contact with the members of the union council responsible for ensuring the proper management of the co-ownership.

  • Equipped with powerful co-ownership management software that complies with the latest regulations in force, we are able to offer the following services :

    • - Many features for rigorous and fair management in co-ownership : Everything has been done to make management easy and pleasant for co-ownership trustees. Budgets, automated fundraising, input of individual water consumption including the calculation of the price of water, monitoring of work management ... No more hassle experienced by co-ownership trustees with their old software, here everything has was designed to make life easier for managers.
    • - Transparent management for co-owners : Because co-owners need to know what is happening in the accounts of their co-ownership, the tools available to them are made to bring them transparency.
    • - An exchange of documents and information between the trustee software and the co-owners : The documents generated by the co-ownership trustee management software are accessible to the co-owners directly on the co-ownership portal in their confidential spaces. Fundraising, account statements, accounts and other budgets, co-ownership regulations, convocation or minutes of general meetings of co-owners ...
    • - Management of general meetings : In order to prepare questions for the agenda, convocations, manage the vote of the meeting then generate and automatically distribute the minutes of the general meeting ...
    • - The automated vote calculation during the general meeting of co-owners : Again, IT intelligence is deployed. During the meeting, for each of the questions, all that remains is to check (or uncheck) the votes (pro votes, votes against or abstentions). And the result of the ballot is carried out by the software as and when (no more endless calculations during the assembly ....
    • - The drafting of the Minutes of the automated general meeting of co-owners : At the end of the meeting, the minutes are automatically generated on a printable document ... Yes, well finished with the result of the votes for each question. .. The report may be automatically posted on the confidential portal of the co-owners ...
  • - Archiving of co-ownership documents : Whether it is the co-ownership regulations, minutes of general meetings, maintenance book, quotes, accounting, all co-ownership documents are archived on the co-ownership portal and accessible on the confidential portal of co-owners ...

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